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Video Surveillance Footage of Fraudulent Personal Injury Insurance Claimant

January 31, 2014 Tags: , , , , , Reveal Blog No comments
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The private investigators at Reveal Private Investigations, were tasked to conduct a video surveillance assignment for an insurance company client. This was relating to a personal injury claim where the person in question had slipped and fell at an unnamed shopping centre and had been red flagged by the insurance company as possible insurance fraud.

In her claim to the insurance company, the claimant stated she was unable to move with an even gait and suffered from a debilitating and embarrassing limp primarily affecting her left knee.

Observations made by Reveal Private Investigators were documented with a video camera of the claimant jogging in a park with good coordination and an even stride. The claimant appeared to demonstrate no evidence of the claimed limp, nor the uneven gait. The private investigators filmed her entire workout in the park before she returned home. This is a excellent example of personal injury insurance fraud.

The Reveal special investigators are hired by the insurance company to document a person’s physical abilities related to an insurance fraud investigation. The surveillance video can then be examined by experts to determine if the claim is accurate, exaggerated or fraudulent.

Do you suspect insurance fraud on your claimant’s files? Professional video surveillance will help expose fraud on a claim and Reveal Private Investigators is your best choice.

Call 0800 773 4163 and our professional private investigators will be happy to discuss your personal case requirements.

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